Whether Janne was looking over the Mississippi, sitting on a beach surrounded by birds of paradise, or driving through Shanghai, there was always that longing for new horizons. This restlessness and desire for change have found their way into new songs. Songs about a club in Sydney, planets, and alpha-males. About birds and driving to Paris in your first car. Songs about crying and saying goodbye, about getting drunk in New Orleans and other forms of escape.
These songs have slowly been growing and forming together with her band in a little house in the countryside for over two years. They have picked up the thread where PONZO ended: catching in musical terms that liberating feeling of traveling to a far-off corner of the earth, but also experiencing that warm nostalgia of remembering a familiar past. “Everything will be OK in the end, and if it’s not OK, it’s not the end.”, so goes the saying.
The stormy period is over, and everything is OK. Janne lives in Amsterdam, and on an old warehouse close by, someone wrote: “You have reached your destination”  

After Room Eleven and Schradinova, Janne made two solo albums and has collaborated with various artists like M.Ward, Kraak & Smaak and Sister Bliss. Janne has toured around the world from Montréal to Johannesburg, from Amsterdam to Tokyo. She earned gold and platinum albums, received a Silver Harp,  and her last record PONZO (’15) was nominated for an Edison and a 3voor12 Award. So far so good! Time for her latest gem: ‘OK’!

About OK!
‘OK is Janne Schra’s most beautiful record.’ – De Volkskrant ’18 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

‘One of Holland’s most intriguing voices.’ – Het Parool ’18

‘The songs are full of details, you keep listening.’ – CJP Magazine ’18

‘This album is beneficent relaxt.’ – OOR ’18

‘Owner of one of the most intriguing voices in this country.’ – AD ’15

‘Stunningly sung. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️’ – Lust For Life ’15

‘Janne Schra has guts, she does exactly what her heart tells her to.’ – BN De Stem ’15.

‘It looks like Schra has found her voice: she’s never sounded so at ease, so confident.’ – De Volkskrant ’15

‘Ponzo delivers a lot of great songs and surprising soundscapes, but still holds a solid profile together. Here, Schra lives up to a whole lot of promise.’ OOR ’15

‘Take note, Holland: The name is Schra, Janne Schra.’ – Soundsz ’15

‘A jazzy, vulnerable album with a generous touch of melancholy.’ – Vogue ’13

‘A breath of fresh air in mind and heart. A combination of musical growth and self-reflection, expressed principally in more personal lyrics and selecting instruments that best suit her intriguing, rather sensual voice. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️’ – NRC ’13**


Ze kon nooit naar de kleine dansende lichtjes aan de overkant van het water kijken zonder te denken: ‘Zou het daar nog beter zijn? Leuker? Spannender?’ Als ze uitkeek over de Mississippi, op een strand met paradijsvogels zat, of met de tourbus langs een brug in Shanghai reed, altijd was er dat verlangen naar meer. Dat verlangen leverde een heleboel muziek op.

Na Room Eleven en Schradinova maakte ze soloplaten en werkte samen met heel uiteenlopende muzikanten. Janne trad op over de de hele wereld: op het Montréal Jazz Festival bijvoorbeeld, in Berlijn en in Tokyo. Ze kreeg een Zilveren Harp, gouden en platina platen en haar laatste studioalbum PONZO (2015) werd meteen na de release genomineerd voor een Edison en een 3voor12 Award.

Alle onrust, veranderingen, verhuizingen en verlangens belandden in een reeks nieuwe liedjes. Liedjes over planeten en alfamannen. Over vogels en naar Parijs rijden in je eerste auto. Uithuilen en uitzwaaien. Een dronken nacht in New Orleans en andere manieren van vluchten.

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