Online Art Sale Lockdown 2020

When the (intelligent) lockdown in the Netherlands was announced due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I figured I could spend more time painting because all shows were cancelled. The result was rather eclectic: from a city round golden hour to a more fine-artsy portrait of a woman...


Carry On video

Behind the scenes... with Fresku

Starring: Dog - Hans P.T. Christiaans (stylists own), Dancers - The Grey Vibes, Man on guitar - @laurensradstake, Chancleta de Frésu - @fresku040
CREDITS: VIDEO Director: Mirla Klijn D.O.P.: Bas Zwartepoorte, Production: Yfke Koolhaas, Camera Assistant: Xena Maria Evers, Producer: Demelza Janmaat, Art Director: Fransje Christiaans, Editor: Erik Post, Colorist: Rachel Stone, Styling: Topshit Vintage, Chef make-up: Melanie Foeh Colourfool Agency, Make-up assistants: Melvin Balvers & Roos Verweij Bacademy Hair, Hairstylist: Blanca Eppinga, Set-assistant: Sarah de Jonge


OK video

About the thin line between friendship and love. About eternity and impermanence.
About the ways we can be attached to one another.

D.O.P. & Director: Basha de Bruijn
Starring: Thekla Reuten, Janne Schra, Ola & Pepijn Bake
Grading: Rachel Stone at De Lodge, Amsterdam


The Voice Machine

Hier zeg ik iets warrigs over mijn nieuwe project ‘The Voice Machine’ waarin ik met een groep mensen samen zing.



'Lalala Love' Theatertour


Schradinova Oerol 2010


When Eric Corton bought De Baron… inspired by his face. 2014


Boek: Je Kijkt Wel Maar Je Ziet Niks

Een bundeling van alle onzinnige gedachten die ik had de voorgaande jaren. Gedachten die graag ook een plek wilden.
Gepubliceerd door Nijgh & VanDitmar



Preparation 'Blue Hour' exhibition at Quartier Putain, Amsterdam
November 13 - 30 2016



Shooting the video for ‘Little Bamboo’ (PONZO) a cocreation with Thekla Reuten and June te Spenke.
at the Scholten-Jankovich mansion in Budapest.


China Tour 2014

With The Robin Nolan Trio I toured China (Changsha, Guangzhou, Wuxi, Shenzhen and Guangzhong) promoting our album of gypsy jazz versions of my songs. It was an amazing experience: walking round cities of 9 million people or more, visiting little jazz clubs or huge venues. Getting utterly new crowds exited for gypsy jazz! Sleeping on cardboard beds or in gold plated palace like hotel rooms. When the tour was over I'd lost a few kilo's because I ate just vegetables with soy sauce and garlic... as every restaurant had a little animal farm at the entrance... :-S
Pictures by: IamKat


Leader Hollands Hoop

Together with Torre Florim (De Staat) I wrote the leader song of the amazing Dutch TV-series Hollands Hoop. Directed by Dana Nechushtan, starring Marcel Hensema and Kim van Kooten.
This picture with our cat Plonki (who definitely wasn't in the mood to shine) was taken in our backyard in Nijmegen.


6 Years Old

Quite a highlight!


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