Thu 06 Mar 2014


Let’s say this project is an answer to the question how Janne Schra’s old songs would sound accompanied by gypsy musicians in the style of Django Reinhardt.
Delicate and refined, with intelligible lyrics, Schra’s seductive, fragile voice and playful songs are caressed by a rhythm guitar, a deep, groaning double bass and a solo guitar on which Nolan plays extraordinary solos.
Nolan is a ‘virtuoso’. And if Anton Goudsmit, George Harrison and Benjamin Herman have all said it, it must be true.
Two worlds that until recently had managed to get through life just fine without each other came together and enhanced each other. Right away the idea to tour together and record a CD of Janne Schra’s songs (Room Eleven, Schradinova and from her last solo album) was born.

The CD, recorded in one room without any hoo-ha in order to capture the energy of a live show, will be out on MARCH 28th!
There will be only 500 albums available and the songs won’t be available online. So don’t hesitate if you want one!

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